Van and Truck Body Up-fitting

Adapting to Purpose

Up-fitting a vehicle is a series of addons and modifications that restructures the vehicle to a specific function, purpose and set of tasks.  It improves the fuctionality and efficiency of your investment.

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Shelving and Partitions

WestCan Shelving and Partitions

Some of the available aluminum options are shown below.  Built from marine grade aluminum to tight tolerances, theses units are durable and corrosion resistant.  Shelves are made from aluminum and impermeable phenolic resin coated baltic birch.  Steel units are also available

Westcan Opt-Bin-Shelving
Duramag Dump Body with Tarp Option
Westcan Opt-Drawer-Units
Westcan Opt-FoldUp-Shelving
Westcan Opt-Safety-Partitions
Westcan Opt-Parts-Tote-Holder
Westcan Opt-Divider-Shelving
Westcan Opt-ButcherBlock-Work-Bench
Westcan Opt-Misc-Storage

Weather Guard Shelving and Partitions

Heavy duty adjustable cargo van shelving units help maximize van storage customization and capacity. The adjustable work van shelving has captive nuts at each corner for easier assembly and quieter operation.

Weatherguard Screen Bulkhead
Weatherguard Bulkhead
Weatherguard Heavy Duty Shelf Unit
Weatherguard 4-Shelf Unit


Techno Fab Racks

Techno Fab has 5 categories of Racks—Techno-Space, Techno-Work, Techno-Easy, Techno-High, and Techno-Force.  Each has a variey of configurations and options.  Rack Accessories are also available.

Techn Fab techno-space-clips


This rack allows you to maximize the space on your vehicle. The Techno-Space universal rack adapts to all types of ladders and stepladders and is suitable for almost all types of vehicles, fiberglass caps and trailers.

  • Universal: for all vehicles, fiberglass caps or trailers
  • Can be installed for a stepladder or a ladder


Techn Fab techno-work-close-up-techno-fab



  • Fixed roof racks in entry-level for any kind of work, equipment, and situations. Both affordable and versatile, it will be a perfect work companion.
  • Available in 4 configurations: ladders and stepladders from 6 to 8 ft. or 8 to 10 ft., one or two ladders of maximum 28 ft.
  • For vehicles with low or medium roofs; ideal for occasional users.


  • Clampdown roof rack which allows a user to haul ladders and stepladders and gives you the ability to add different options.
  • Available in 4 configurations: ladders and stepladders from 6 to 8 ft. or 8 to 10 ft., one or two ladders of maximum 28 ft.
  • For vehicles with low or medium roofs; ideal for fleets.
Techn Fab side-ladder-techno-easy


Dropdown roof rack for vehicles with low or medium roofs. Once the rack installed, you can easily change its configuration in just a few minutes and as often as you like

  • Single or double drop down
  • In just a few minutes, it adjusts from a stepladder to a ladder and from a ladder to a stepladder.
  • Extension arm included in the box
  • Easy handling for a 22″ or 26″ drop
    Ideal for vehicles with low or medium roofs



Techno Fab ladder-roof-techno-high-1


For high roof vehicles. In a natural movement, the Techno-High can be deployed from a 65″ height in a one-step process.

  • Single or double drop down
  • Easy handling for 65″ drop
  • Forward facing drop
  • One step deployment, arm rotation of 120°
  • Fully mechanical system (no gas springs, straps or cylinders)



Techno Fab techno-force


Simple, convenient and practical rack. Once you use this rack, simplicity will go hand in hand with sustainability.

  • Simple and rugged basic support
  • Load various sizes and shapes (ladder, canoe, PVC tubes, etc.).
  • Available in two ranges: Standard (3000 Series) and in Heavy Duty on special request (5000 Series)



Prime Design Racks

Prime Design Racks come in 9 models—Ergo Rack, Alurack, Over the Cab Rack, Deploy Pro, Rear Door Access Ladder, Professional Truck Rack, Ergo RAck Low-Profile, Ergo Rack Closed-body Utility, and Ergo Rack Open-body Utility.

Prime Design ErgoRack
Prime Design Deploy Pro
Prime Design Ergo Rack Low-profile
Prime Design AluRack
Prime Design Rear Access_Ladder
Prime Design Closed-body Ergo Rack Utility
Prime Design Over-the-cab Rack
Prime Design Professional Truck Rack
Prime Design Open-body Ergo Rack Utility

Van Interiors

Floors, Walls, Ceilings

For demanding applications that require a professional finished look, we use Legend and Kemlite products.  We can also build with the materials of your choice, including different grades of plywood. Insulation can be installed as needed, including spray-in-foam.

Legend Floor, Wall, Ceiling and Sill products

Legend Automat-Bar Floor Mat
Legend ArmourMat Floor Mat
Legend StabiliGrip
Legend Aluminum Door Sill Plate
Legend Wall Ceiling Door Durotherm Liner
Legend Top Sill Plate
Legend KKFlooring

Ventilation and Cooling

Flettner Fans and Dometic Air Conditioners

Fan cooling or Air Conditioning?  You choose.  We will make it happen.

Flettner Wind-Powered Fans

Dometic Vehicle Air Conditioners

Dometic Truck Air Conditioner


Reefer Van Insulation Kits and Refridgeration Units

Insulation Kits for Ford Transit, Connect and E-Series, Promaster, Mercedes, Nissan and Chevy.  Reefers sized for 10, 12, and 16′ vans in road-only or 110V stand-by electric.

Refrigeration Units

Van Insulation Kits

Reefer Van RV9 Reefer
Reefer Van RV9 Evaporator


  • Insulation is the most important part of any refrigerated vehicle and having the right insulation is the key to best cooling performance.
  • Reefervan panel insulation allows the reefer to cool the cargo area correctly especially when it is very hot. Getting the insulation specification wrong can lead to poor or inadequate cooling performance.
  • Reefervan make sure the reefer and van insulation perform correctly, making sure the insulation package is “Thermally Balanced”.
  • Reefervan guarantee our modular panel van insulation will perform to your requirements in outside ambient temperatures of 38C – 100F.
  • Reefervan guarantee the quality of workmanship and the performance of our products making our product the right choice for your van.


Reefer Van Insulation Kit Transit
Reefer Van Insulation Kit Mercedes

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