Vehicle Lighting

Lighing types include Beacon, Strobe, Flashing, Amber, Emergency, Spot, Flood, Scene and Work lights

Lights for Every Purpose

In vehicle, on vehicle, and off vehicle.  Police, fire, EMS, warning, site traffic control, and work lights. Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3.  Our sister company, Auto Light Atlantic, specializes in Police, Fire, and Emergency vehicle lighting installs.

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Whelen Lighting

Lighting without compromise. Every conceivable use case and configuration.

Dash/Deck/Visor, Beacons, Flashers and Lightheads, Pole Assemblies, Systems and Motorcycle, Safety Site, Trafic Advisors, Tracer, Lightbars Mini, Lightbars, and Illumination.  Control systems include CenCom Core, Whelen Command, Whelen Cloud Platform, and Anges Remote Spotlight.

A small sample of the available lighting is shown below.

Whelan Cenator SOLO CV Standard Current Series Super-LED, LIN6
Whelan Safety Site Light
Whelan L31 Class 1 Super-LED Beacon
Whelan Dash SlimLighter Light Bar
Whelan Interior Light, 8 inch Round
Whelan 3 Inch Round Super-LED Lightheads
Whelan Pioneer SlimLine™ Brow Mount Series
Whelan Traffic Advisor TAC8 Super-LED
Whelan Wing Plow LINZ6 Super-LED Lighthead
Whelan Century Series LED Mini Lightbars with Aluminum Base
Whelan Traffic Advisor, Arrow Head Style
Whelan PAR-36 Round Super-LED Work Light
Whelan Tripod Mounted Light Assembly

Zone Technologies


  • Controllers and O-Zone-Tech,
  • Arrows andAccessories,
  • LED Modules,
  • Lightbars,
  • Work Lights,
  • Beacons and
  • Hide-Away Lights.

A small sample of the available lighting is shown below.

Zone TEchnologies Economic 9LED Work Light
Zone Technologies 6-Light Magnetic Bar
Whelan Safety Site Light
Zone Technologies Light Bar
ZoneTechnolgies Lights
Zone Technologies Flood Light
Zone Technologies Replacement Bulb-Strobe light
Zone TEchnologies Lights
Zone Technologies Arrow Board
Zone Technologies Amber/Red Beacon
Zone Technologies Lighting Controller
Zone Technologies White LED
Zone TEchnologies Amber Pole Beacon

Alt Enterprises Lighting

Heavy Duty Truck Signal Lights, Multi Purpose LED Worklights, Emergency Warning Lights, and Prostar HD Signal Lights.  All come in multiple shapes, sizes, power levels and colour depending on application.  A few of the many lights are shown below.

Alt Enterprises Eliteopto Super Slim Warning light
Alt Enterprises 3x5 LED light head, heavy-duty oil resistant rubber grommet and weatherproof harness
Alt Enterprises Elite Series 4inch Round LED Red STT-Amber Turn Light and Light Kit
Alt Enterprises 3 x 5 Rectangular Heavy-Duty Truck STT Light
Alt Enterprises School Bus Marker Light
Alt Enterprises Eliteopto 21 Inch Slim Light Bar
Alt Enterprises Stainless Steel ID Bar with 3 Lights
Alt Enterprises Slim Line ID Bar
Alt Enterprises Multi-Purpose Rechargeable LED worklight

Grote Lighting

Clearly defined categories of lights

  • White Lights [ Work, Forward, Task ]
  • Signal [ Stop Tail Turn Signals, Clearance Marker, Livense/Backup, RV/Marine/Utility ]
  • Warning/Hazard [ Light Bars, Strobe, Directional Warning, Beacons, Flashers ]
  • Interior Lights
  • XTL Led Technology [ Led Light Strips, Task Light Kits ]


Grote Trilliant T26 LED Work Lights - 1000 Lumens
Grote Clear Material Handling Beacon
Grote Oval LED Stop Tail Turn Lights with Integrated Back-up
Grote LED Traffic Stick
Grote LED Off Road Light Bars
Grote LED Courtesy Stepwell Light
Grote Square Dome Light with Switch
Grote M3 Series LED Clearance Marker Lights
Grote Class I Compact LED Light Bars

J-Lite Lighting

Major Categories

  • Road Equipment
  • Warning Hazard and Emergency
  • Interior Lights
J-Lite LED low profile MINI beacon
J-Lite Back up LED light with 3D effect
J-Lite LED - Dome light with white contour
J-Lite LED - Trailer modules (4 inch x 10 diodes)
J-Lite Combi - Stop-Tail-Turn and backup light
J-Lite High performance distress LED light with visor
J-LIte Dome Light

GoLight Lighting

Remote control and fixed GoLights in 5 series—Golight GT, Stryker ST, Stryker Hardwired, GLX and Gobee.

Golight Stryker Harde-wired Remote Control
Golight GXL Performance Fixed Work Light
Golight GXL Fixed Worklight
Golight GT Hard-wired Wireless Remote

NightRay Lighting

Hard Wired and Wireless remote controled vehicle mounted lights in Halogen, HID (High Intensity Discharge Lamp), Incendescent, and LED.  Candle Power from 215, 000 to 750,000cp.  A sample from each category is shown.

NightRay LR Wireless 750,000cp HID Remote Controlled Spotlight System
NightRay LR Hardwired 50k-cp Flood--100k-cp Spot
NightRay LR 215,000cp LED Spotlight System
NightRay 2 Wireless Halogen 215,000cp Remote Controlled Spot

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